Professional Lease Negotiator

We specialise in assisting retailers achieve their shop leasing objectives, be it incrementally, expanding state by state or nationally. Our team, led by George, has worked at the coalface for many years and encountered almost every conceivable situation and challenge – both good and bad, with landlords.

(working on your side)

Our Services

Renewal Negotiations

Don't just sign the new proposed lease. Your ability to save BIG is there for the negotiating.

Expansions Plans

Want to take your business to a new level? We're here to help you find, negotiate and secure locations.

Leasing Consultancy

Need a health check on your current lease arrangements? Without knowing the statistics, you could be exposed.

Relocation Consultancy

Is your shop located for maximum impact? Or did the leasing agent put you in the location they needed filled?

Special Negotiations

Working outside the box often yields better than expected results. Found out how we might be able to add value.

Site Evaluations

If you have a shop location in mind, you need to understand the metrics. We are here to help you determine if the location will work for your business type.

“... Without George on my side, I couldn't have succeeded. George put his heart into finding a site for me. ...”

Camellia Phan

Ready to find out more?

On the surface, leasing retail shops may seem like a simple process - but poor decisions regarding site selection can lead to under-performance impacting profitability. At First National Retail Leasing we are experts in negotiating retail leasing. We are ready to help you make informed decisions regarding all your retail tenancies to ensure maximum profitability and performance.