Relocation Consultancy

We can work with you to relocate your business should your needs require.

In order to determine whether a move is a wise decision, we can assist with a thorough bench-marking of your business. This process calls in research from net & gross rates paid; performance ranking; category sales within the district and the specific shopping centre, bench-marked; comparison rentals vs surrounding retailers; ratio of your sales vs group category sales and other factors.

This process is designed to bring clarity to your decision making process. If it is determined that a move is in your favour, we shift to the opportunity identification phase.

During the opportunity identification phase, we will collect detailed metrics for locations that show the most promise. These metrics include, but are not limited to: Box size/ configuration, maximum frontage, customer traffic flow, ceiling heights, product grouping synergy, rental comparisons, incentives and other deliverables.

The remaining store locations of highest interest are then compiled and ranked in order to facilitate your decision making process. We assess each store location carefully in order to limit your risk.

After the decision making process is finalised, we can then move to negotiations with the leasing executive.

Because we handle each step of this process, you can keep working within your business and making money rather than allowing your business to suffer due to absenteeism because relocation is a time consuming process.