• George Bocska

Shopping Centre News - Your No. #1 Tool For Lease Negotiation!

First things first - this is not a paid promotion. First National Retail Leasing is not affiliated with Shopping Centre News in any way and the author understands and appreciates their commitment to independence.

When it comes to best-in-class industry information, there is nothing that can hold a candle to Shopping Centre News (SCN).

SCN issues 4 publications per year covering each segment of the shopping centre marketplace:

  • Big Guns

  • Little Guns

  • Mini Guns

  • CBD Guns

By dividing centres into the above categories, you can assess the data of each potential location against other similar centres to measure performance that you can aggregate to identify the best possibility for you.

Choosing the best centre for your business is absolutely crucial. SCN has all the critical information pieces required to facilitate your decision-making.

The metrics to keep an eye out for:

  • Gross Leasing Area

  • Moving Annual Turnover

  • Turnover Divided By Centre Meterage

  • Speciality Moving Annual Turnover per m2

  • Customer Traffic

  • Ranking Vs Similar Centres

  • Gross Leaseable Area

You can bet your bottom dollar that the leasing manager you are dealing with knows his centre's numbers - if you do not, you are occupying an inferior position and may be sure that you'll be taken advantage of.

This is why having an expert on your side - someone who can, not only asses the current state of affairs, but has years of records to be able to in-effect look back in time and judge how the centre is trending over time and can put all of this information into context, in order to leverage a great deal for you.

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