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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

To whom it may concern

This is a testimonial with regard to my business dealings with FastTrak U Group Pty Limited (George Bocska)

We engaged George Bocska of First National Retail Leasing (previously FastTrak U Group Pty Ltd) on the 17th July 2010 to help finalise a lease for a retail premise in a new Shopping centre that is to be built late 2011. We had been negotiating with the Leasing Agency since March 2010 and we knew that we didn’t have the experience or expertise to finalise the lease with the surety of knowing that we had achieved a satisfactory result.

I must say since engaging Mr Bocska our stress level have been lowered, my blood pressure is now fine and my indigestion has been resolved!

The saving along on Doctors visits, stress medication, Blood pressure tablets and toilet paper has certainly been a great help financial, these savings alone helped pay FastTrack U’s account.

I don’t think George ever envisaged the length of time it was going to take to achieve this lease! But to his credit he kept on negotiating with the Leasing agent and finally we have signed a lease and George has achieved for us a more than substantial saving. I will list a few below FastTrac U Group Pty Ltd negotiated so well on the lease and tenancy fitout , that we have calculated that FastTrac U Group Pty Ltd have saved us over $200,000 over the 7 year lease.

George’s sense of humour, his courteous advice, his stern advice and the expertise he gave us has been instrumental in my businesses success over the past 7 years 22/05/2019 and in addition to the above testimonial I have kept in contact and sought advice with FastTrac U Group PL (George) with numerous incidents that have occurred re my tenancy and each time I have sort advice from George it has lead me to some very decisive and great results.

Front photograph showing shop location.

I have engage George again 7 years later to negotiate a new lease with the centre as I decided not to take up my 3 year option.

Wow! Again with George’s knowledge and persistent professional approach he has achieved a great resolution for my business.

I have great pleasure in giving the above testimonial to FastTrac U Group PL. And I thank you George.

Thank You


Kent Saunders

Southern Man Surf

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